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Simply Rooted Sav

I'm Savanna. A ranch wifey, momma, amazing cook, gardener, living a simply slow life wanting to experience, love, feel and be ROOTED in each moment as much as possible.

I love all things healing, nature, plants, beautiful views, breathtaking sunsets, food, rustic looks, sunshine, my kiddos, my baby daddy, fun clothes, cooking, very rustic baking.

Here with me you will get recipes created by me, kitchen tips, gardening fun, and a good dose of love.

Life has become something people have started severely over complicating, and most of us are living for someone or something else outside of ourselves.

Going to a job that sucks the life out of you, sending your kids to school even though you hate it. Exhausted living life the way you have been. Eating in a way you hate because you feel like you "should". Working out in a way you loath because it's what someone else told you to do. Following rules that move someone else's agenda forward and keeping yours at bay. I've been there, and I've gotten away from it. Thas why I want to share.

Your life is Yours.

My desire for this is to help you become rooted in you.

Rooted in yourself so deeply, you know who you are, where you stand, what you believe in, what you love, what you desire and letting go of all that isn't you. Knowing you have all the answers inside of you. Nourishing yourself in the ways that make you feel amazing. Following your passion, whatever that may be. Being able to get yourself to a point in life where you can be present in each moment to experience it deeply as if it could be your last. Creating life. Rooting yourself in YOU again.

Life may not be easy. But it gets to be simple.

Find beauty in the Challenging. Use the resilience you gain from the challenging to feel deeper, love more, create more.

If you don't love it, change it, it's Yours to do with what you want. Don't waste it.

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