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Break. Fail. Experience. Adapt. Grow. Root.

How incredible is nature?

A piece can break, and with the environment it’s left in, it takes that opportunity, it can adapt, grow new roots and become a whole new plant all on its own. Without help from outside of itself.

We as humans can absolutely do the same.

But we choose not to, at the same time thinking we are superior.

Instead we become experts on everything thats wrong around us, what’s corrupt, whats poisoning us, who’s wrong, who’s right, who’s got the most “correct” information on what…

Instead could we start focusing on the opportunity at our fingertips, how we will heal, grow, experience, feel… become a better you, a stronger you, a more resilient you. And reliant on no one but YOU. A you that could have the ability to adapt and grow roots.

Be rooted. In you.

Break. Fail. Experience. Adapt. Grow. Root.

We as humans can start learning a hell of a lot from nature and the things in it.

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